Warm Up!



It’s raining, the crowds erup along the stands. Red lights go out, first gear, sliding, second, third, fourth, fifth. 340 km/h and the water spary cuts visibility down to 50 meters. The rail is so close, the surface treacherous, the pace just so blindingly fast.

  • Realistic feelings, for the beginner as for the expert.
  • Exchange your “ghosts” via Internet and become champion of the world…!
  • Up to 10 players on network

System requirements :

  • Proc. : 350 MHz
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • 500 Mb on hard disk drive
  • Direct Sound Card 3D compatible
  • DirectX 8.1

Authorised codes. 1 Per customer only


Publisher: Microids

Date Released: 2000-11-16

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