Warlords Battlecry 3




  • Persistent Heroes : Sixteen different races, twenty-eight different classes.
  • Retinues To accompany your HERO in to battle.
  • Full map editor : random Maps, skirmish Mode.
  • New Spells and Magic Items : more than one hundred and thirty spells over thirteen different spheres of magic. New Magic Items many of them special & rare, some even able to cast spells.
  • Five New Races : Plaguelords, Saurians, Swarm. The old Human side will be split into Knights & Empire. This will include new units and new buildings.
  • New Hero Development System : All of your old favorites plus eight new classes combine together in a new hero system that is easier to learn but harder to master than before. Take heroes beyond level 50. Gain levels while actually playing the game.
  • New Terrain : Rock & Lava terrain, along with Jungle, Ruins and subterranean caverns.
  • New Soundtrack : High quality soundtrack featuring thematic music, all at CD-Audio quality.
  • Lots of New Dragons : Players will be able to produce six different coloured dragons all with unique abilities and breath weapons.
  • New Buildings : Many different shops will allow players to purchase items & troops to aid them in battle. The variety of different Lairs will produce neutral units that will roam the map seeking out trouble.

System requirements:

  • Windows® 98, XP, 2000 & ME.
  • Minimum: P3-450 with 128Mb RAM.
  • P3-600+ with 256Mb RAM (TNT2 or better card recommended).
  • Supports the following resolutions in 16-bit colour: 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, and 1600×1200.

Authorised codes. 1 Per customer only


Publisher: Enlight

Date Released: 2004-06-25

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