Here is where you will find the most commonly asked questions about Savemi and their answers. These should answer basic questions regarding: about us; the ordering process; the support system. Should you have any further questions check out Support or Contact Us.

What is Savemi?

Savemi (pronounced ‘Save Me’) is an Australian based distributor of authorised game keys. We distribute game keys from the publisher to you for activation on Steam, Uplay, Epic, ESO and other DRM. To find out more about our story, read About Us.

Is Savemi legit?

At Savemi, we buy all of our stock from the publisher. We do not deal with ‘code stripped’ keys. One example of our authenticity is listed here for Uplay. Another example for Steam can be found here. Also note that you will only find official resellers on isthereanydeal.com and reddit gamedeals.

Does Savemi send out codes instantly?

Yes. This is unless our anti fraud system picks up an anomaly and stops the code from going out. If this happens, it is then a manual process for us to assess the risk involved in the transaction. To stop this happening to you – provide your details in full and to the best of your knowledge. The most common reason for codes being stopped is users choosing a different country to where they are at that particular time.

How does Savemi’s anti fraud system work?

Given the immense amount of fraud that goes on in the digital world we have had to safeguard ourselves by developing a sophisticated anti fraud system that involves multiple layers. Many factors from your order are put together into an algorith to assess risk. Low risk customers have their codes sent instantly – this group makes up the vast majority. Medium risk customers will have their codes put on hold and will be manually assessed by us. High risk customers’ orders will be cancelled, with their details blacklisted. IT is a great system, but sometimes it can have the side effect of delaying legitimate orders. For this, we apologise.

Paypal has taken my money, but I cant see my code. Where is it?

Savemi’s anti fraud system (and entire ordering process) sits independently of Paypal. Paypal just facilitate the transaction and hold your payment details (our site does not hold payment details.) So after Paypal have done their own risk assessment, our system does ours. Sometimes ours are a little more stringent and our anti fraud sytem can hold up the delivery of a code. If this happens to you : Step 1) First check your junk email, as sometimes our emails can end up there. Step 2) Check your order via “My Account”. If the order has been successful the code and order details can be found here. Step 3) If you still can not find your code then Contact Us with a screenshot of your order page. We always endeavour to get back to you on the next business day. If you are out of Australia, be patient with time zones as we may be asleep when you send through your request!