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Savemi specials 1 Nov 2019

Team 17 up to 90% Off


  1. Overcooked 2 : 30% off One of Savemi’s best sellers
  2. Blasphemous : 10% off
  3. My Time at Portia : 20% off
  4. Alien Breed Trilogy : 90% off
  5. Yooka-Laylee : 70% off

Check all Team 17 sales here. Over 60 titles on sale

Ubisoft up to 80% Off

Including brands such as:

  1. Anno : 75% off
  2. Assassin’s Creed: up to 70% off
  3. Far Cry : up to 80% off
  4. The Crew 2: up to 75% off
  5. Tom Clancy : up to 66% off

Over 150 Ubisoft titles on sale. Note: Ubisoft titles for Uplay activation in ANZ/EMEA only

And dont forget today is the last day that Dying Light is on sale – get in quick

Enjoy your gaming for less. Savemi

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Orders on Hold

There are 2 major reasons for Orders being on hold:

Paypal induced coma

Recently Paypal have started doing checks on orders from “unverified” Paypal accounts.  This immediately puts the order on hold until the review is complete

Be aware that this process may take longer than 24 hours. It is something beyond our control, but we are kinda glad that they are helping out by fraud screening.

Verified accounts have no issue with ordering or receiving codes – so it is suggested that you verify your Paypal account before continuing.

Savemi Fraud Screening

We have often been lauded at the depth of our fraud screening process.  The downside of it – legitimate orders can some times get caught up.  The major reason for this – the system picks up that you are from a country different to your billing address.

So if you are on holiday, or working away from home, use the address of where you are staying at the time.  That way the system wont think that you are a fraudster trying to steal codes and sell them through an auction site.

If you have any questions on your order – please email



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Where is my Code?

After your payment has been processed, the code should be automatically sent to you.

  1. Check your email for a message entitled: “Purchase Information”.  The first words of the email will be: “Order Success”.  The code will follow in that email.
  2. Log back into your Savemi account.  Scroll down to “Recent Orders” and click “View”.  The code will appear under “Billing Address.”

If neither of these methods are successful in retrieving your code, then take a screenshot of the order from your Savemi account (point 2 above) and email this to us:

Our support team can then use this screenshot to investigate why your code has not been delivered to you successfully.

Check our Support Hours of Operation here.

Thanks for shopping with us.


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How to use Steam Keys

Step by Step Instructions on how to use Steam Keys:

  1. Install Steam if you have not done so already;
  2. Go to Games>Activate a product on Steam;
  3. Click Next to continue;
  4. Agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement;
  5. Copy and Paste the product code exactly as it was emailed to you;
  6. Click Next to continue;
  7. You will be told that the activation was a success and for which product;
  8. Click Next;
  9. Choose a file path where you wish to install the game to eg. c:Program FilesSteam;
  10. Click Next;
  11. Choose any Shortcuts – such as a desktop shortcut – that you wish to install;
  12. Click Next;
  13. Click Finish – and the Download will begin;