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Why are we getting into drones? Because apart from being grouse, we are building the next generation service to stream 4K, 60FPS

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The next level of phone gaming - coming soon to Savemi

20 March 20
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We stock digital VR Games

Get started on your VR journey with titles that make the most of VR's immersive technology. Order today!

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Cheap CD Keys and gaming accessories

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We sell CD keys for Steam as well as codes for other game clients such as: Uplay, Epic, Rockstar, ESO.

We have regular game deals, pre-order incentives, coupon codes and the latest titles from over 130 publishers.

Is Savemi legit? Here is one example of how we only use legitimate codes . All of our game keys are authorised by the publishers. We choose not to engage in the practice of code stripping.

Are you an influencer and/or a streamer and want to make a bit of extra cash? Savemi also runs an affiliate program where you can make up to 5 % per sale from our CD keys.

All CD Keys are delivered instantly – unless the fraud prevention system picks up an anomaly. If you are still waiting for a key to arrive, check out our support system. We will get back to you as soon as humanly possible – just be mindful of our time zone difference.

Most recently, we have added web hosting to our product range. As a side business, we build websites and apps and the next logical step was to offer hosting to support these sites. All servers are lightning fast Australian servers, have hourly back ups and there are a range of different packages to suit the smallest or largest sites.

To find out more about our web and app design/development, visit Savemi Marketing

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